CI2 Academic Partnership Overview

The mission of the CI2 is to provide training, resources, and assistance to law enforcement, corporate, small business, and the public to counter cyber-criminal threats within their communities and on the Internet.

In tandem with this mission, the CI2 is offering a partnership with academia to provide training and resources to colleges and universities throughout the world. Currently, there is an incredible shortage in the number of qualified and trained Cybersecurity Professionals in the workforce. Forbes magazine recently reported that by 2021 there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled positions in the cybersecurity industry (NeSmith, 2018).

Of these, some of the most sought-after positions will be in the cyber intelligence, threat hunting, and blue team sectors. These jobs require experience in open source investigation, cyber security, incident response, and digital / cyber forensics, all of which are primary tenets of the CI2 business plan.

CI2 has established itself as one of the premier organizations to incorporate training in cyber-related skills and proficiency. The CI2 is comprised of top-level professionals in the fields of forensics, security, law, and information technologies, and specializes in investigations and intelligence gathering in those spectrums. In order for college and university students to effectively enhance their mastery and maintain their competitive edge in these areas of study, they need to align themselves with the proper mechanisms to enhance their education and reinforce their training with real-world, hands-on scenarios.

Partnership with CI2 will provide the students and institutions with quality ingredients and resources to meet these goals, and at the same time, allow the center to accomplish its mission of outreach and awareness in the cyber world.

As an Academic Partner with CI2, the following resources will be available to each institution, free of charge:

  1. Education – Institutions will have basic access to training materials and webinars to enhance their cyber security and forensics curricula.

  2. Recognition – Institutions will receive provisional certification as a CI2 Academic Partner, with the ability to obtain additional certifications and resources.

  3. Internships – Students of our Academic Partners will have the opportunity to intern with the CI2 and gain valuable knowledge and experience in the fields of cyber intelligence and forensics.

  4. Advisory Committee – The college or university will have access to an advisory board of professionals in the fields of cyber security and forensics to provide assistance and guidance in developing curricula to enhance their programs.

  5. Job Posting Resources – Students of CI2 Academic Partners will have access to a professional job board with positions created by and available through CI2 members, as well as job postings by other professionals in the field. This will give students a significant advantage as they prepare to enter the job market.

In a partnership with CI2, academic institutions will gain a valuable ally and resource. These resources will help establish the institution as a true center for academic excellence in cybersecurity, cyber-crime, and forensics, and enhance the institution’s reputation and standing in attracting students, faculty, and financial support.




NeSmith, B. (2018, August 9). The Cybersecurity Talent Gap Is An Industry Crisis. Retrieved from Forbes:


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