CI2 Core Values

Integrity – Integrity is the only thing nobody can take from you. With integrity in a business, the name and reputation speak for themselves.

Ethics – It is sound for a business to base a core value on ethics. Within data and personal information, there comes great responsibility for safeguarding and building trust within a client. This means doing the right thing for the welfare of others while holding dear to privacy and maintaining balance.

Detail Oriented – Within forensics, there needs to be an attention to details. This encompasses all work dealing with data, and information technologies. If something doesn’t work to specs, then it performs horribly and in turn is worthless to the user. That is why it is paramount details must be oriented to and mastered so that the customer’s experience and takeaway is perfect.

Dedication – Dedicated to the responsibilities of proper environmental, and social actions towards business and the community. This means helping those in need, and those who work in the company.