The mission of the CI2 is to provide training and resources for cyber intelligence and high technology computer forensics to those in the private and public sectors.

We offer benefits and service to:

·       Government

·       Law Enforcement

·       Military

·       Corporate Entities

·       Small Businesses

·       The Public

Resources offered by CI2:


·       Training

·       Certifications

·       Internships

·       Intelligence Gathering


CI2 is comprised of talented and knowledgeable individuals with real world expertise in open source intelligence gathering. Our team of professionals specialize in four areas of the "Cyber Quadfecta"(TM) - security, forensics, intelligence, response. We work together to reduce the cyber threats presented across the globe today.

The Cyber Quadfecta

In Today's Cyberspace Professionals Need Knowledge in the Four Disciplines.

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