Advanced Cybercrime Investigators Training

The Advanced Cybercrime Investigators Course will instruct intermediate to seasoned level investigators, inspectors, detectives, patrol officers, cyber security intelligence gatherers, cyber defense specialists, etc. on the following topics:

Day 1

Intro to Cryptocurrency and Privacy

Cloud Computing and Server Technology.

Day 2

Advanced Digital Forensics and IoT.

Mobile Forensics.

Day 3

Advanced Network Security and Packet Analysis.

Intro to Database Management.

Day 4

Intro to Intermediate Python Coding.

Linux Based Tools and Recon.

Social Media Investigations and Tools.

Day 5

Advanced Dark Web Investigations.

Maltego and Surface Web Data.

Power Bi and Surface Analytics.


5 Days of Intense Coursework and Labs for Law Enforcement, Cyber Security, Etc. This class is for anyone that wants to excel further in their career, as well as wants to gain the knowledge required to investigate and forensically analyze digital evidence.

5 Day ACyI Course – $1,995.00.

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