Project Fundraising

Date:   January 2019

To:       Potential Contributors and Friends of CI2


From:  Center for International Cyber Intelligence

            c/o Jonathan Williams - Executive Director



Re:       Fundraising Efforts and Plans

According to a Global Threat Assessment compiled by cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, by 2021, only two short years from today, damages and costs associated with cybercrime and cyberwarfare threats will exceed $6 trillion dollars.[1] A large portion of this incredible cost will be borne by corporations and small businesses. The sole requirement to be counted among these organizations is that you have some degree of internet access or connection within your organization. Specifically, these losses will result from cyber-attacks, criminal fraud, and the “casualties” of cyberwarfare. In the words of John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “Unfortunately, in war, there are casualties, including among the civilian population.”[2] Rather than the bullets and bombs of conventional warfare, destruction to your infrastructure will come in the form of computers, hackers, and malware.


Cyberwarfare is no longer confined to the shadows of the internet. It is a reality of everyday life. Unfortunately, few are completely prepared for the consequences of cyberwarfare or cyber-attack. Those that claim to be prepared place more emphasis on reactive rather than proactive strategies. Those who believe they were properly prepared need only look to such conglomerates as Yahoo!, Marriot, Target, Uber, and Facebook.[3] As recognized by Crowdstrike, “The eCrime ecosystem continues to evolve and mature, showing increased collaborations between highly sophisticated criminal actors.”[4] The data breaches experienced by these corporations also included a data breach as to every person that used the service or business. The resulting theft of the customers’ identities wreaked financial havoc for countless individuals. Proper preparation includes a comprehensive proactive approach incorporating strong elements of digital forensics, intelligence, response, and security to protect your assets.


We are on the threshold of a great revolution. 5G technology is in its infancy. Yet, it promises internet speeds 200 times faster than existing wireless technology.[5] This will pave the way for a new generation of autonomous vehicles, internet of things (IoT) devices, and augmented and virtual reality devices that can process information far more efficiently and quickly than previously contemplated. All of this will require a proactive rather than reactive approach to cyber intelligence and cyber threats.


This is where the Center for International Cyber Intelligence can be of the greatest assistance and resource to countries and their citizens throughout the world. The CI2’s main mission is to provide training and resources for cyber intelligence and high technology computer forensics to those in the private and public sectors. CI2 is comprised of talented and knowledgeable individuals with real world expertise in open source intelligence gathering. Our team of professionals specialize in four areas of the "Cyber Quadfecta"(TM) - security, forensics, intelligence, response. We work together to reduce the cyber threats presented across the globe today.


With your support and funding, CI2 can deploy analysts into the field to conduct cyber intelligence tasks, forensic testing can be done to assist law enforcement throughout the world on how to conduct acquisitions and analysis, and reverse engineering can be done on malware to notify the infosec community on upcoming threats to their infrastructures. All of this and much more can be done proactively to deter and intercept cybercriminal threats, as well as shield civilians from cyberwarfare fallout.


Any amount will assist us in acquiring the equipment needed to function as an organization The board has a plan and budget in place that can be shared with major donors. If you would like to discuss this proposal with us and be an integral part of the proactive solution, please reach out to me. We can set up a time for a virtual or physical meeting. Thank you for your time and funding!

                                                                        Sincerely and Respectfully,

                                                                        Jonathan Williams, MA

                                                                        Executive Director, CI2


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